7 Problems That Occur When You Don’t Change Your AC’s Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioning unit is vital for many reasons. It removes impurities from the air in your home and any pet dander that may be present. If you don’t have any animals, you will still benefit from changing out the filter because it also removes small particles of dust and dirt that float around in the air and would otherwise be drawn into your home.

Here are seven other basic problems that will occur if you don’t change your AC air filter:

  1. Clogged: The biggest problem that you can expect when you don’t change out the air filter in your air conditioning unit is clogged pores. That’s obvious, but often a problem just the same. The air filter is designed to remove bad particles from the air and blow more pure, cooler air into your home. A clogged filter will greatly reduce air flow and home comfort, while also increasing electricity consumption.
  2. Temperature of Home: You will find that if your air filter is not changed out that your AC will have a much harder time delivering the cooling action you want. A stable system will be able to turn the warmer interior air into cooler, pure air without having to struggle to get air into the system. A filter that has not been changed will not only blow impure particles into the air of your home, but it will decrease the amount of airflow throughout the rooms.
  3. Increased Energy Bills: You can probably see how the two problems listed above could be connected to the increase in your power bill. If the AC unit has to stay on longer to keep the interior of your house cool due to an old air filter your energy bills will go up. 
  4. Air Conditioning Repairs: You can almost bet that since your AC unit will have to be running more to do its job you will have some repairs to make shortly. It is simple mechanics. The harder the air conditioner must work, the harder it is on all the working mechanical parts and pieces that make it run. Consider getting a quote from an AC repair specialist if you’re in a tight spot.
  5. Evaporator Coils: If you are familiar with how air conditioning units work you will understand that one of the most vital parts of it is the evaporator coils. These coils are the components that turn the interior warm air into nice, cool, refreshing air that is pushed back into the home. If you don’t change the filter the evaporator coils will be damaged by particles that the filter is supposed to block. This will lead to the next problem on the list.
  6. Indoor Air Quality: This has been touched on a few times above, but it is an important fact that cannot be ignored. The air quality of your home can cause many medical problems in some, or all, of the occupants and visitors. Not changing your AC air filter will decrease the health of you and your family and will cause an increase in medical visits and supplies.
  7. AC Failure: The final problem that may occur is complete AC failure. And isn’t it funny how AC failure never happens in winer? of course not, because breakage only shows up the things are hot outside and your AC needs to work hard. Regular filter replacement is the best way to avoid disaster.

You can see that the seven problems that may occur if you don’t change your AC air filter are all related to each other. For now, change your AC air filter now to improve the flow of air, maximize the efficiency of the air condition unit, and save you some cash in a couple of separate ways.