Are fiberglass shingles a good option here in Canada?

I’ve used fiberglass shingles on two buildings on my own property, and seen them used successfully on many others. On the surface fiberglass shingles look and feel like traditional asphalt shingles (sometimes called “organic asphalt shingles” in the business), but have a fiberglass substrate underneath, instead of felt used on older style, organic shingles. If you tear a fiberglass shingle apart, you can see the glass fibers inside. Fiberglass shingles are also thinner than organics, they endure high roof temperatures particularly well, and I’ve found them to be very durable where I live in northern Ontario. I’ve never removed snow and never had any trouble. I’d certainly use fiberglass again. I can vouch personally for GAF and BP brands.

Part of the prejudice against fiberglass probably comes from troubles that occurred many years ago. When fiberglass shingles first came to Canada from the US, there were problems with brittleness, but that’s not been the case for 15 years or more. Old news dies hard sometimes.

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