HOMESTEAD CATTLE PASTURE: Take an Aerial Tour of Our Forest Farm

UPDATED 15Jun2018: When settlers first came to Manitoulin Island, Canada, they had to be careful when they chose and cleared land for farming. Manitoulin has pockets of good soil but it’s surrounded by areas of thin soil over limestone bedrock. The farm where we live has good soil that’s some of the closest to the south shore of the Island, and it’s where we graze cattle to produce grass-fed beef for direct sales to customers and speciality butcher shops. We’ve created our own niche brand called Pure Island Beef that you can see here.

I’ve been spending time in our fields lately, and thought you’d like to see what they look like from above. Click below for an aerial video tour of our pastures, the forest that surrounds them, and a view of the big water of Lake Huron.

Click below to watch a close-up view of a section of cedar rail fences that runs through the forest on one side of our fields.

Posted on June 15th, 2018


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