Q&A: Can you help me make sense of options for potlights? I’m confused.

Q: Can you help me make sense of all the options for potlights? I’m confused by all the choices, sizes and types. A: Potlights are also called recessed lighting in the industry, and they’re a terrific feature when used properly. But […]

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RURAL LIFE SKILLS THAT MATTER: A Dozen Tips for Water Wells, Septic Systems, Electricity & Food

Water wells, septic systems,  electricity supplies and food storage – these are four of the biggest  things you  need to deal with directly if you’re a hands-on person leading a hands-on rural life. And success is often based on specific […]

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WORKBENCH PLANS: Download First-Class Design for Free

If you don’t have a workbench somewhere around your home, you should get one. You’ll never find a simpler, more economical source of mental health and household well-being. Fewer and fewer people have home workbenches these days,  and maybe that’s […]

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BISCUIT JOINT VIDEO: You’ve Probably Never Seen This Trick Before

In the world of woodworking, biscuits are pre-made ovals of compressed hardwood that are used to create simple, strong joints between pieces of wood. The traditional approach is to use a special power tool to cut slots in both sides of […]

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