Common Problems with Roof Restoration

UPDATED 1Apr2020: Just like the human immune system, the roof of any house is the first line of defense against nasty things happening to you and your stuff. It protects your entire home from water and sun damage, so it goes without saying that roofs are important. If you live in Melbourne, Australia, a company such as Roof Makeover Specialist can help solve your roof problems.

The cause of a bad roof could be anything from shingle damage to old shingles to an improperly constructed roof. Regardless of the cause, sometimes even minor roof damage can lead to extensive and costly roof restoration work.

As you’ve probably discovered so far, the situation gets worse when you have no idea what’s causing the leaks. Therefore, to address your roof issue more effectively, it’s important to first understand the problem depending on the circumstances. From homes in Melbourne to New York, to Dublin to Helsinki up north, this article lists some of the most common roof problems that might need roof restoration services to solve.

Water and Moisture Damage

The most common roof problems usually show up as water leaks. After rain or melting snow, water can easily seep through the gaps or cracks inside the roof. The situation gets worse when the water gets trapped inside the roof structure. This not only weakens the roof, but also encourages the growth of mold that can harm indoor air quality. If you have an asphalt shingle roof, leaks can be caused by torn shingles or by shingles that are so old they’re disintegrating. If you’ve got a tile or slate roof, leaks are most often caused by broken or cracked tiles or slates. 

Blocked Drainage of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs drain differently than sloped roofs, and it’s important to understand how. Sometimes drain pipes get blocked because of dirt, leaves and branches. These particles block the flow of water, causing pooling on the roof surface. The blocked drainage and water pooling could lead to many serious damages include the tearing of the roof membrane because of the tremendous weight of all that water. If you’ve got a flat roof that’s been damaged in this way, you need a flat roof specialist for the job. 

Know Who You Hire

Roof replacement is a pricey thing, but when you hire a cheap roof restoration company you’re probably gambling more than you know. Cheap contractors are cheap for a reason, and it usually comes down to lack of care, a rushed work schedule and missed details. It could be the incorrect placement of tiles, incorrect nails or eavestrough, too. Faulty roofs can lead to water leakages, cracks, wear & tear and other serious roof damages.

Punctures And Pressures

Weather conditions like strong winds or hail can tear off shingles or cause some other kind of leak-promoting damage. It enters the roof material, making passages for moisture and dampness. If this moisture and dampness saturates the whole ceiling as well as the supporting wall – that weakens the construction.

Poor Ventilation and Improperly Installed Flashings:

Most roofs have openings for ventilation near the bottom and at the top of the attic space. However, if the roof is poorly ventilated, it can lead to excess moisture and to-high temperature within the attic. Moisture build up like this is one of the leading factors of mold and mildew growth in attics.

In addition to all this, trouble with roof flashings can cause leaks. What is flashing? “Flashing” is typically made of sheet metal and is used to waterproof the place where a roof meets a wall or chimney. Both poor ventilation or improper flashing can lead to problems in an otherwise sound and solid roof. .

Solution to your Roof Restoration Needs

Roof restoration and replacement can be expensive if the deterioration is extensive. However, you can cut down your costs if you complete maintenance services before deep deterioration sets in. Don’t have any experience roofing? If so, be sure to hire experienced and professional roof restoration contractors, who can estimate and find out all the potential roof problems. It’s a preventive measure that will save your roof from any serious damage.