CONNECT LIVE WITH STEVE: Real-Time Video Q&A Session on Monday, Aug. 27, 7:30pm

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Do you have a problem with your house, cottage or property? Do you have questions about home improvements, decks, home building, renovations, woodworking, modern homesteading or anything to do with hands-on living? I’ve got a new way for you to connect with me and get answers to your particular issue and get those answers in real time.

This coming Monday, August 27, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm eastern time, join me for a real-time video Q&A session on YouTube Live. It’s free and here’s how it works . . .

Bookmark this page so you can easily come back to it for the Q&A session. Five minutes before the session starts you’ll find a video window at the top of this page. If this doesn’t work, there will also be a link you can click to watch the video directly on YouTube. This is where you’ll see and hear me live. At my end I’ll see questions and comments that you type at your end. You won’t appear on video, just me. I’ll read your questions as they come in, then answer for you in real time on video. Type your questions and see me answer them for you. There will probably be at least a few people in on this video event, but I’ll try my best to get to all the questions. It’s the next best thing for us to have a real visit.

I’ve run several tests with all this, and YouTube Live has worked fine for me. But just the same, please be patient if things get rough technically. This will be my first real live event online,  so I can’t tell what snags might appear. I also don’t know how many questions might come in. It may just be a few of us meeting together, but I hope it’s more. I can cover a lot of ground in an hour, so the more the merrier. If nothing else, please stop by just to say hello. I’ve been emailing with many of you personally for years, so it would be great to connect more directly.

Will you give this live video thing a try with me and see what we can do? If it works out, I’ll be doing this regularly. Once again, bookmark this page, set a reminder, then let’s get together on Monday, August 27 at 7:30 pm eastern time via live video.


Posted on August 24th, 2018