CORDLESS IS KING: Three Cool New Tools

Cordless tools are getting much, much better, and in ways where cordless has never been a big thing before. The three tools I’ll show you here are cases in point. Cordless technology has made these some of the best in class options. And in one case, the only tool in its class.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V DCC2560T1 Cordless Air Compressor

It’s surprising how much handier a small air compressor is when you don’t have to fumble with a power cord. That’s the first thing I noticed about DEWALT’s new FLEXVOLT 60V DCC2560T1 cordless compressor. It takes the same batteries as the rest of the cordless tools in DEWALT’s 60V line, and this tool works pretty much like any other small compressor  – except no cord. It’s more than powerful enough to support single-gun finish nailing, and it can operate a framing nailer if you’re not squeezing off shots full tilt. Weighing 25.0 lbs including battery on my scale, the DCC2560T1 puts out 1.2 cfm at operating pressure and the only time it can’t quite keep up with trim work is when you’re using multiple guns for bulk jobs such as running baseboard.  No big deal. One of my favourite bonus uses for this model is topping up vehicle tires. It has no trouble firming up the largest pickup truck tire in short order no matter where you’re parked. Noise-wise, this compressor puts out the same decibels as a typical small portable plug-in model. Street price: $299USD/$520 with one 60V battery, charger and 3-year warranty.