BUILD CABINETS: DIY Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry & Built-Ins

Video course especially for people who've never built cabinets before

One-on-one coaching, 42 instructional videos, plans, illustrations and great skills taught. This is one of my most popular courses and dozens of ordinary people have built great cabinets by following it.

If you’ve ever wanted to build honest, traditional, solid wood cabinets for your kitchen, bathroom or as built-ins for any other part of your home, this instructor-led course is for you. I created it especially for beginners and intermediate woodworkers who don’t have a dedicated workshop nor a big collection of tools. You can easily save thousands of dollars building your own kitchen & bathroom cabinets using my methods, you’ll get better quality than store-bought (by far), and you’ll have your own personal instructor (that’s me!) to help you succeed, too.

People all over the world have taken this course and created excellent cabinets, and built-ins. I made this course based on 30 years of cabinetmaking experience, and dozens of in-person seminars I’ve delivered at woodworking shows over the years. If you feel the urge to make your home a better and more beautiful place, this course can help you a lot.


ONE-ON-ONE HELP: In addition to the extensive and detailed course download that includes videos, plans, photos and illustrations, BUILD YOUR OWN TRADITIONAL FACE FRAME CABINETS includes one-on-one help from me by email or phone. I’m an experienced cabinetmaker and I’ve been teaching people to succeed for 30+ years.

TEACHING VIDEOS & TECHNICAL DRAWINGS: The detail in this course goes way beyond what you can get in books or YouTube videos. It’s a complete package that explains all the details you need for a mold-free, inviting baseme

Got questions about how to build cabinets for your particular situation?

Need help choosing tools?

Want to know exactly how to solve the various challenges you’ll encounter as you encounter them?

Join the course now and you’ll get individual help from me to succeed. One-on-one help happens by email most times, personal phone calls when needed. I also do reviews of videos shot on phones and sent to me.

TOP-QUALITY RESULTS: The world already has way to many low quality cabinets. BUILD YOUR OWN TRADITIONAL FACE FRAME CABINETS is based on a different philosophy. It teaches high quality methods and design features in a way that beginners can achieve. You’ve probably never seen cabinet quality and durability like this before. The kitchen cabinets in the image here were build right in the kitchen space during house construction using nothing more than a portable tablesaw, two sanders, a router and a few hand tools. You can do this, too.


** How to design your own cabinets just the way you want them

** Essential tricks for cutting and assembling cabinet parts

** How to optimize wood grain for best appearance and stability

** The best way to crosscut, install and refine face frame parts

**  How to make your own solid wood raised panel doors with only two tools

** How to build and install silky smooth drawers

** How to add crown moulding & incised carvings to your cabinets

** Finishing methods that deliver glass-smooth results in the home workshop

**Countertop options that make sense for you

** How to install your completed cabinets like a pro

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: I’m Steve Maxwell, course creator and instructor, and so far hundreds of people have taken the BUILD YOUR OWN TRADITIONAL FACE FRAME CABINETS course and only one person has taken me up on my risk-free, money-back guarantee. Examine the course and see for yourself. If you don’t think the course itself and one-on-one coaching isn’t worth the price, just ask me for a refund. You’ll get it right away, and you get to keep the course download, too.

SEE THE RESULTS: Chaz C. is from Kansas City. He never built cabinets before but created a beautiful bathroom vanity in 2018 after taking my BUILD YOUR OWN TRADITIONAL FACE FRAME CABINETS course. Click here to see Chaz’s work and his story.

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