FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR: Select & store 365 days of food

Build a secure supply of survival food for your family

Build a reliable survival household food supply, a great root cellar, a traditional smokehouse, a solar food dryer & more

Are you concerned about maintaining a household food supply for you and your family in times of trouble? I created my FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR online course for people just like you. It’s a complete, in-depth, online resource about choosing, storing and using a supply of survival food when the usual supplies dry up in times of trouble. No one wants to think about the possibility of difficult days ahead, but we’ve all been reminded that trouble can happen all around the world and in a short time. This is why it’s smart to be prepared with your own stored food supply, but there’s more to it than just putting away a few extra cans of soup.

Download and examine FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR risk-free and see for yourself. This online course delivers:

* Detailed guidance for customizing your own survival food supplies even if you’ve never done it before. Videos, plans, illustrations and wisdom are all here.

* Reasons why creating your own emergency food supply is better, cheaper and less risky than buying ready-made “survival food kits”.

* My unique “survival food trial” technique that ensures your stored food really does meet the needs of you and your family.

* An understanding of food storage technology that works when the electric grid goes down long-term. You’ll learn to build different kinds of root cellars, a traditional smokehouse, a solar food dryer & more.

* Explanations on how to buy, store and use wheat directly and simply as a survival food staple.

* Understanding of how to purify water with nothing more than an ordinary drinking bottle.

* Plans for building three kinds of root cellars for the ultimate in food security.


For a limited time I’m also offering FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR along with two bonus video ebooks for FREE. Each are currently selling now for $19 to $39 each.

FREE BONUS#1: BUILD YOUR OWN SMOKEHOUSE: This includes detailed plans and instructional videos for making a real, old-time smokehouse for cold-smoking meats and cheeses. Besides being a great way to preserve food, home-smoke meat delivers great tasting meals without relying on supermarkets. Plans also teach you how to make a simple barrel smoker, too.

FREE BONUS#2: BUILD YOUR OWN SOLAR FOOD DRYER: This includes detailed plans and instructional videos for creating your own system for drying fruits and vegetables without electricity. Works fast and well, this design is suitable for all climates.

FREE BONUS#3: THE COMPLETE ROOT CELLAR VIDEO COURSE: This is a detailed collection of lessons and plans for building three different types of root cellars – basement, under-the-steps, and stand-alone designs.

Download a copy of FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR and get BUILD YOUR OWN SMOKEHOUSE + BUILD YOUR OWN SOLAR FOOD DRYER + THE COMPLETE ROOT CELLAR VIDEO. Examine these right now and see exactly how they can help you create real food security for you and your family. Examine the full course and bonuses for 90 days and if you’re not delighted with the value they offer, just let me know. I’ll issue a refund immediately and you get to keep all three titles. (Yes, I’m a trusting guy).

I’m Steve Maxwell, course creator and award-winning how-to building instructor. My articles have appeared regularly in publications like Canadian Contractor, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Homes & Cottages magazine and many others since 1988. I’m also a designer and builder myself, and I’ve been teaching people to succeed in all things practical for 30+ years.

There’s no big company behind my courses, just me (Steve), my videographer (Robert), my draftsman (Len) and a layout designer (Amy). My team may be small, but we aim to create the best, most detailed hands-on how-to courses in the world. Download the FEED YOURSELF FOR A YEAR course package for a full 90 days. If you’re not completely happy, just let me know. I’ll refund your money and you get to keep the course. The whole deal is completely risk-free for you. I assume all risk

Questions? Comments? Email me at [email protected] or call me in my workshop at 705-210-8519.


Steve Maxwell – founder BaileyLineRoad.com

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