MIG Welding at Home

This course will teach you the skills you need to start using a MIG welder

MIG Welding For the Home Workshop combines video lessons, written content, project plans, illustrations and one-on-one instructor assistance to help you learn quickly. By the end of the course, you’ll confidently set up and use your MIG welder to build with mild steel and repair items around your home.

Make it with metal

Welding lets you join metal, transforming inexpensive raw materials into strong, useful items that are better than anything you can buy – because they’re custom-made for you, by you.




Repair & save money

When you master basic welding skills, you can repair instead of replace, saving hundreds of dollars. And a MIG welder is the easiest, most affordable machine you can learn to use.




Creative satisfaction

Watching two pieces of red hot, glowing metal become molten and then join exactly as you planned is exciting, satisfying and creative. Time to spark up the fun.






Yes, you can learn to weld at home!

Welding is for anyone who wants to work with metal.

With the right instruction, you can create welds you’ll be proud of – after about 30 minutes of practice or less. Whether you want to build, repair or just learn a new skill, welding opens up an exciting world of metalworking. This course teaches techniques you can use in your home, garage, farm, workshop or small business – anywhere you need to join pieces of metal in a rock-solid, permanent way.

The equipment for welding – especially user-friendly MIG welding – has never been more accessible to the average do-it-yourselfer. It’s less expensive than ever, easier to use, very reliable and very effective.


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