DeWALT 12-volt Sub-Compact Cordless

dewalt_cordless_impact_power_toolIt’s been more than 20 years since the world has seen new 12-volt cordless tool designs appear on store shelves, but small size, light weight and remarkable power are the reasons why the new 12-volt is popular today. Lithium-ion batteries make it happen, and DeWALT is the latest to market with professional-grade, 12-volt sub-compact cordless tools.

DeWALT Sub-Compact Performance Results

I began field-testing their impact driver, drill and infrared thermometer in the summer of 2010, alongside competing 12-volt sub-compacts, and though the DeWALT line does not have as many models in the line as other brands, their tools perform very well for drilling and driving applications. The DeWALT system dewalt_cordless_light_power_toolincludes a flat-bottomed battery that’s substantially different than most other sub-compacts in that it allows all tools to easily stand upright between uses. This flat pack design also lets a spare battery fit neatly into a tool pouch. Screw-driving power is surprisingly good for tools as small as these, with the impact driver capable of driving deck screws up to 3” long.

Why Sub-Compact Cordless Makes Sense

There’s simply no reason to weigh yourself down with any larger tools for driving hinge screws and drilling small holes impact_driver_pouchin metal and wood. I especially like the magnetic base on the LED work light. It lets you shine light from any vertical steel surface. Of all the cordless worklights I’ve tried so far, I consider this one the best. If you’ve never tried 12-volt sub-compact, I expect you’ll be impressed. The DeWALT 12-volt line comes with a 90-day, no questions asked return policy, so you can try them risk-free.