Here are the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Steve Maxwell, “Canada’s Handiest Man”, and his official website

What is is the official website of Steve Maxwell, a home repair, renovation and woodworking expert based in Ontario Canada.

The site is filled with articles, photo guides, blogs, videos and product reviews produced by Steve to help everyone from the amateur diy-er to the home workshop enthusiast. is one website in the casaGURU Network of home improvement websites.

Is there really a Steve Maxwell behind

Yes. Steve Maxwell is the most popular home improvement expert in Canada and a syndicated columnist in such newspapers as the The Star and Ottawa Citizen and editor of various consumer and trade publications like Canadian Home Workshop and Canadian Contractor.

Since 1988 Steve has been sharing his expertise in home & cottage repair as well as woodworking with over 2 million readers monthly.  Read Steve’s bio to learn more about Canada’s Handiest Man.

Can I contact Steve Maxwell?

Yes. Steve welcomes your emails if you wish to suggest a home improvement topic or a product or tool for him to review. Click here to email Steve.

Due to a high volume of questions and requests, Steve can only answer about 20% of the emails he receives personally. The rest he incorporates into postings on his blog, Maxwell’s House.

Can I connect with Steve on any social media sites?

Sure. Feel free to join Steve on Facebook or to follow his tweets on Twitter (@Maxwells_Tips). It’s the best way to get his personal invites to his monthly online contests and special promotions.