HOUSEHOLD MOLD: A Bigger Health Issue Than Meets the Eye

A few years ago I delivered 8 quarts of raspberries we’d picked for an elderly lady in town, and I noticed three things when she came to the door. First, she was very feeble. It took her a long time to answer my knock. Second, the reason it took a while to come to the door was that this poor woman was on oxygen. She had to carry her tank with her in a cart, and clear hoses led to a mask she was wearing. The third thing I noticed was the smell of her house as the door opened, and this was most telling.

The side door that I’d knocked at was one of those doors that opens onto a landing half way down the stairs leading to the basement, and as soon as that door opened, I knew the home had a serious indoor air quality problem. The smell of mold was so strong and obvious that I couldn’t help but think that this was somewhere at the root of this feeble woman’s health difficulties. I’ve certainly seen this kind of thing before. Health problems from indoor mold issues is a bigger deal than many people realize, even when those health issues are grave.

Back in the winter of 2013-2014, I visited a house to patch a hole in drywall, and I noticed something that’s always a sign of poor indoor air quality problems. Every window in the house was covered in condensation on the inside, and even the attic access hatch in the hall where I was working was damp and covered in black mold. That’s a photo of the actual hatch to the left.

I had a job to do on that drywall, so I didn’t talk about the wet windows and the obvious mold with the owner at the time. But when you live in a small place, you know things about people’s personal lives. In this case, I happened to know that the homeowner’s 13 year old son had suffered from asthma his whole life. Doctors had tried everything over the years, the young lad was on prescription drugs, and he used his puffer a lot.

A few weeks later I had occasion to talk to this homeowner again and I asked about the window condensation. It didn’t take long to realize that there really was a serious indoor air quality issue in her home, and it was something that doctors had never thought to investigate in the treatment of her son. As it turns out, the house already had the ventilation equipment needed to solve this problem, it’s just that the homeowner didn’t know how to use it. A few minutes spent configuring things properly for her and two related problems were solved.  First, window condensation cleared up nicely within hours. No more wet windows. And second, the lifelong asthma of the boy with the puffer became a thing of the past. It’s amazing how little changes can make huge improvements.

kill moldI’ve dealt with mold problems often enough over the years that I put together an ebook covering the widespread issue of wintertime window condensation. Few people realize how closely tied mold is to poor indoor air quality and poor health. Wet windows are something of a canary in a coal mine when it comes the household air and mold, but mold rears its head in other places, too.

Moldy bathroom ceilings and mold growing on walls are two big ones. A moldy basement is often the cause of poor indoor air quality throughout an entire house, just like with the elderly woman and the raspberries. Click here to check out my ebook Mold Buster How to fight mold and win. The book includes 3 videos, 12 sections, no filler, immediate download.

And as with all my books and courses, it comes with my money-back guarantee. If you find the ebook worthwhile, great. If not I’ll provide an immediate refund.

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Posted on February 17th, 2017


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