How a Toolbox Canopy Can Enrich Your Outdoor Adventure

If you’re one of the millions worldwide that regularly go on road trips and outdoor adventures, you surely appreciate the chance to drive off-road vehicles. A UTE (pronounced “YOOT”) is slang for a utility vehicle, and this category includes the good old pickup truck. It’s one of the best options for working outdoors or going on an adventure in the great outdoors. But there’s more to a UTE than just the vehicle. The right kind of accessories can boost your experience considerably.

There are many reasons why UTEs are great, but if you don’t find the perfect way to additionally equip it, the UTE by itself means little. These vehicles have enormous capacity, and if you know how to use them, they will be your best friend when going on the road.

In this article, you’ll learn about UTEs and how they work better with a toolbox canopy in the back. These items are easily found, and some manufacturers do a great job creating them. Just check out the OZY checkerplate toolbox, and you’ll know these things are nearly indestructible just by looking at them.

Here are five reasons a toolbox is definitely worth installing on your UTE: 

1. Best protection against rough weather

When you place everything inside a checker toolbox, you know that no one and nothing can reach inside. When going on an outdoor adventure, there’s little chance for burglars to try and steal something, but there’s a real concern of rough weather causing damage and wild animals trying to snatch your food. Placing everything inside a toolbox is the ideal solution. No type of weather will do anything to your items stored inside. Rain and snow can’t get in, and hail means nothing too. The only issue might be the sun, which will cause your supplies to spoil if they are not placed in a fridge.

2. Chance to store everything inside

Your UTE is enormous with a huge rear box, but this storage space means nothing without the right protection. You need to create the ideal conditions if you want to enjoy a flawless trip. The toolbox provides this value. It’s a chance to store everything inside safely. If you use the truck box as it is, your items are exposed to weather damage or theft. If you’re going over off-road terrains, you can be sure that some of these things will be lost as your vehicle hits a bump in the road. A safe storage that will keep everything in its place is worth so much and adds tremendous value to your adventure.

3. Acts as a remote bedroom

When you’re driving to a distant location, you’ll often get tired and need a place to sleep. You’ll probably look for a motel on the side of the road, but when you’re driving a truck or UTE with a canopy installed in the back, this is no longer an issue. Stop anywhere you want if you have the rear tray transformed into a remote bedroom. The canopies available on the market are big enough to turn your truck into a mini hotel for the night. Some people who often go camping will have everything they need inside these canopies and sleep for days inside instead of carrying and installing big tents on the side of the road.

4. The ultimate storage solution when camping

How would you store all sorts of food, equipment, utensils, machines, tents, and everything else in the trunk of an ordinary city vehicle? It’s impossible, of course. You can store half your house in the rear box when you own a truck or a UTE. The storage space is nearly unlimited. The only problem, as we said, is the open tray, that’s not ideal. If you close it with a canopy, you get the perfect solution. There’s no better solution than this one. There are other options, but they never provide the value a truck with a canopy does. 

5. Versatility

Did you know that a toolbox canopy is not necessarily used for storing tools? One of the reasons, of course, is storing tools. This is why most contractors own a UTE with a toolbox installed in the back. There are multiple options when it comes to tool storage. However, many people will use them for other needs. Aside from the remote bedroom option, you can use the canopy as a dog crate. Pet lovers find these items highly valuable when transporting their pets from one place to another.


These few points show why toolbox canopies installed in the rear tray of your UTE are so valuable and appreciated. Millions of people worldwide already have them because they deliver real value. If you want to be happy, organized and effective when going on an adventure, this can help.