It is Important to Inspect Oil Tanks

The Dirt on Oil Tank Heating Systems

Despite what you may think, inspecting and possibly replacing your oil tank heating system is not part of a conspiracy scheme by the insurance companies and government ganging up to steal money from innocent civilians. There are two very real reasons why one should be sure to check their oil tanks:

  1. Rust could be eating away at internal tank surfaces as you’re reading this.
  2. Leaks could occur with zero warning.

Here are some sci-fi sounding facts:

Life on our planet can thrive in very unusual conditions, including your furnace oil. Bacteria consume sulfur and other impurities in the fuel, and as they eat and grow, they give off corrosive sludge that attacks the steel of your oil tank. Everything might look just fine on the outside while patches on the bottom of the tank are paper thin. Leaks usually spring immediately after a fill up, when extra weight and turbulence stresses the weakened metal. This could lead to chronic oil fumes from drippy fittings, which make people sick.

To learn more, read my article “Inspect Your Oil Tank Heating System”. It could be for your own good as well as the health and safety of the rest of your household.

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