MOLD BUSTER: How to Get Rid of Mold In Your House Once & For All

Welcome to the most complete mold elimination information on the internet. I’m Steve Maxwell, creator and instructor behind this resource, and my aim is to give you all the information you need to make your home mold-free and as healthful as possible. I’ve helped thousands of people like you find solutions to the root of their household mold problems, and success is something that you can achieve, too. And while it’s true that mold in your home can be worrisome, the solutions are easy to understand. Reduce moisture levels, kill active mold, and increase ventilation levels. The trick is how to make this happen effectively and at a reasonable cost, ideally without calling in a professional. That’s where the details in this course will help you.

One thing that’s unique about my Mold Buster course is that it deals with the larger topic of indoor air quality in the context of mold. Many homes have indoor air quality that’s bad enough to affect the health of people who live there. Solving a mold problem is part of this challenge, but mold is more of a symptom than a root cause, as you’ll see.

So, let’s get started!