COZY CABIN: Build Your Own Tiny House Even If You’ve Never Built Before

Everything You Need to Know to Build Your Own Tiny Dream Home

One-on-one coaching, 45 videos, dozens of photos, detailed plans, illustrations & 50,000 helpful words to help you succeed

Are you tired of unaffordable house designs that are too big, too complicated and too expensive? That’s why the tiny house movement is taking off around the world. It’s also why I created my Cozy Cabin plans package and video construction course. Real reviews from real Cozy Cabin builders are below.

This how-to building resource is for different kinds of people. It’s ideal for hands-on owner-builders who want to make their own great little place. It’s also for professional contractors or anyone else who wants to create a tiny home that’s comfortable, durable, energy efficient and beautiful. Construction blueprints, materials list, instructions – it’s all here. This course is also for people who want an affordable vacation home or little place in the country they can call their own. Since 2013, hundreds of people all over the world have built their tiny home with this course.Cozy Cabin includes detailed plans, illustrations and 45 instructional videos in two formats – a downloadable PDF, plus a web based online version. I’ve pulled out all the stops on this course, making Cozy Cabin the next best thing to having an experienced tradesman working at your side. If there’s a better tiny home building course out there, I’ve never seen it.

My name is Steve Maxwell, I’m an award-winning how-to building instructor. Since 1988 my articles appeared in publications like Canadian Contractor, Mother Earth News, Cottage Life, Homes & Cottages magazine and many others. I’m also a designer and builder, and I’ve been teaching people to succeed in all things practical for more than 30 years.

Cozy Cabin includes detailed construction plans and instructions for making a classic 16 x 25-foot floor plan, including a front porch for lounging and a second floor loft for sleeping. And unlike many other “cabin” designs on the market, this one looks and feels like a proper cabin should – with real wood wherever it will be seen, a steep roof and authentic materials used throughout.

Download a copy now risk-free. You’ll see how how Cozy Cabin delivers field-tested building plans and know-how. Examine it for 90 days and if you’re not completely delighted, just ask for a refund and you’ll get it.

Got questions? Email me at [email protected] I built the original Cozy Cabin, I created the course and I’m the instructor.

Steve Maxwell – Manitoulin Island, Canada

Reviews for COZY CABIN: Build Your Own Tiny House Even If You’ve Never Built Before

Looked At Many Plans Before This One

Reviewed by M.W. - West Virginia

Thank you so much for COZY CABIN.  We really appreciate all you've done to make this project attainable for average folks.  We looked at a lot of plans prior to settling on yours. My wife and I had been warming to the idea for a long time, but had never imagined we could complete the build of a complete home.  Your plans gave us the guidance and confidence we needed to realize a dream of living off-grid in the woods.  It has been really hard work that has demanded a lot of our time, but I can honestly say we have enjoyed every phase. 

Just What We Wanted

Reviewed by B.L. - Montana

This is the type of cabin we wanted, and we love it!

Most Comprehensive & Detailed

Reviewed by R.M. - North Carolina

I've attended tiny home seminars and bought other tiny home plans online, but Steve Maxwell offers the most comprehensive, thorough and detailed how-to guide to build a quality, beautiful small home out there today.

We Love Our Cabin

Reviewed by B.L. - Montana

This is the type of cabin we wanted, and we love it! Due to your building specifications this little cabin will far outlast us. We will be able to pass it down through the family. Thanks again for Cozy Cabin.

Detailed Work

Reviewed by J.L. - Aruba

After looking at your course I'm very excited to start and will be building a cabin using your plans. Thanks for such detailed work.