MAKE SOMETHING GREAT IN 2019: 15% Off Six Great Online Courses

Do you feel like building something great in 2019? My online courses can help. I’ve arranged for a special 15% subscriber’s discount on all my online courses offered through the DIY University. People love these courses, they’re highly detailed, they all include plans, videos and one-on-one instruction from me online.

Help a loved one finish a basement, create an off-grid solar & wind energy system, build a tiny house, build new kitchen cabinets and build three small solar energy projects in 2019.

Details of each course are below. Take advantage of 15% off all my online workshops with coupon code NEWYEAR15 through December 31, 2018.


A basement finishing project can add additional living space, a money-making apartment, much-needed storage and more. Creating a properly finished basement differs from above-ground construction in many important ways, including how you manage moisture, temperature, lighting and other unique conditions, starting from the earliest stages of planning. If there’s anything out there that’s more detailed, up-to-date and effective than this course, I haven’t seen it.

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Tired of being dependent on the grid for electricity? This step-by-step and comprehensive instructor-based workshop has everything you need to know about how to generate electricity including – how to design your system, how to install a wind turbine, how to choose specific components, how to wire the system safely and how to make batteries last for years. If you’ve always wanted to get off the grid, this course will get you there.

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This tiny house online workshop is your complete guide to creating a strong, warm, beautiful, durable, economical and weatherproof home. One-on-one guidance from me, use these directions to build the house exactly as it is in the course, or pick and choose the design features you like, incorporating them into a variation of your own. This was my first online course and hundreds of people around the world have built their tiny dream home following these plans. Perfect for use as a cottage, country get-away or modest-but-beautiful full-time home.

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Building your own custom kitchen cabinets is one of the most enjoyable and profitable improvements you can make to your home. You’ll save money, elevate your woodworking projects skills, and enjoy the process of building custom cabinets that will last. Make these custom kitchen cabinets part of your own home or build them for friends, family, or clients. The plans and approach in this course have been 30 years in the making. I don’t think you’ll find anything else like it.

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Tired of feeling helpless when your weak well runs out of water? Nervous about being at the mercy of a distant professional next time your pump breaks? Learn how to be more self-reliant when it comes to your water well system. Whether you’re planning to build a house in the country or want to improve and maintain an existing well, this very detailed online workshop will help you accomplish your goals.

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Solar is one of the only energy sources that’s independent of the electrical grid and automatically delivered to your home no matter what’s happening in the rest of the world. This three-part DIY solar premium workshop is perfect for anyone interested in capturing free energy from the sun. Build a solar generator without the noise, fumes, and gasoline of a generator. Heat your home and hot water using a simple solar collector. Build a solar food dryer that doesn’t require an electric fan. All three of these projects are covered in detail with video, plans, instructions and one-on-one guidance from me.

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Hurry and take advantage of coupon code NEWYEAR15 on DIY University before it expires December 31, 2018 and have a great hands-on 2019.

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