OVRx’s Barricade Subfloor Tiles

barricade subfloor tiles insulation basement flooringThere are many basement subfloor products on the market right now and all brands make finished basement spaces much more comfortable and mold-resistant. But not all deliver the same insulation value for your floor. I’ve been watching subfloor products emerge and develop over the past 10 years, and Barricade’s OVRx delivers the greatest insulation value of all the options currently available. Extruded polystyrene foam is the reason why. It’s factory-bonded to the underside of the 24-inch x 24-inch wood-based panels that form the body of the product. Tiles fit together with tongue and groove edges, creating a warm, cushioning layer underneath finished floors applied on top. The insulation value for each tile is just over R-3, which might not sound like much but translates into a lot of additional comfort under foot. All kinds of click laminate and engineered wood flooring can be installed on top, as well as carpet. Foam shims are available to make up for undulations in uneven concrete floor surfaces underneath the tiles.