Picquic Interchangeable Screwdrivers

picquic interchangable screwdrivers hand toolsEvery toolbox needs an assortment of screwdrivers, and the trick is getting the most driving versatility for the dollar. That’s why my preferred screwdriver collection is really just one tool. It’s made by Picquic, a Canadian success story that designs and manufactures the best interchangeable screwdrivers I’ve seen. I’ve been using them for more than ten years, and Picquic is terrific. Replacement bits are housed in holes around the edge of the handle, pushed out as needed by the bit you’re putting away. Picquic’s award-winning original design was launched in the late 1980s, and the models for sale now are an improved design that was part of a retooling campaign that happened five years ago at the B.C. plant where they’re made. Picquic’s available at all big hardware stores. Besides fitting into the handles for hand driving, the bits work perfectly in impact drivers and drills.