Milwaukee FUEL M18 1/2” Hammer Drill/Driver

I’ve been putting an original Milwaukee M18 FUEL cordless hammer drill/driver to hard use ever since this tool first came out three years ago, seeing if I could break it. This was the first brushless power tool to hit the market, and Milwaukee is now updating it with a next generation model. The pre-production version of the new and improved FUEL M18 drill I tested is 60 grams lighter than the original as measured on my testing scale, 1/2” shorter, and includes a slightly smaller handle diameter that’s easier to hold. If I could choose to use one drill or the other, the new model is what I’d grab.

Milwaukee claims to have engineered evolutionary upgrades into their new drill, as well as all the other tools in the enhanced M18 FUEL drilling and driving line. Higher grade magnets for more power and better heat management for longer life are the two most significant. Looking inside the drill and comparing it to my old one, the heat sink is obviously larger. There’s also less wasted space inside the case.

The new M18 FUEL isn’t different enough that you’d want to ditch an older M18, but you might want to pass it on to someone else on your crew. If there’s a more powerful, longer lasting hammer drill driver than this new model, I haven’t used it yet

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Posted on September 2nd, 2015

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