Ventilation and your range hood

The vent cover for the range hood duct in our new house has four louvres and is noisy and ineffective. Whenever there’s a strong wind outside I can hear flapping sounds and feel cold air back drafting through the appliance’s range hood. If I replaced this louvre with a hooded vent cover (the kind with a single flap), would this solve the problem?

I think a hooded; single-flap vent would help to an extent, though the problem will probably remain. I’ve never seen a vent cover that was very good off the store shelf, though I have figured out how to improve them. I drilled the bottom edge of the single-flap vent at my house and installed a short, 1/2-inch diameter bolt and nut on it for weight. This do-it-yourself fix keeps the flap quiet and shut, yet allows it to open when the dryer is actually running.