TIP on how to get Damage-Resistant Drywall Corners

Are you Tired of Paint Chipping Off Drywall Corners?

Trim Tex_Round Drywall CornerThe right kind of drywall corner bead virtually eliminates this problem, and my favorite is a large-radius, plastic drywall corner bead made by a company called Trim Tex. These drywall corners work for new construction or retrofits, anchored only with a coat of spray-on contact cement to both the wall and the back of the corner beading. No nails, as with conventional metal corners.

4 Easy Steps to Damage-Resistant Drywall Corners:

  1. Glue the plastic beading down.
  2. Apply several coats of drywall compound to fill the transition between the plastic and the neighboring wall surface.
  3. Sand this transition smooth.
  4. Paint the walls, then relax.

Your new drywall corners will resist damage almost as well as the rest of the wall.