Razor Sharp: How to quickly sharpen chisels and planes so they REALLY work



Sharp tools are the key to the best kind of woodworking success, but sharpening tools can take a lot of practice and even more time. That’s why so many people struggle with sharpening.

This course makes the sharpening job easier to master and much faster to use around the shop. You’ll get:

  • Five videos that show everything you need to know.
  • An understanding of what gear you need to set yourself for fast sharpening.
  • Examples of how to sharpen straight tools like chisels and plane irons, plus curved chisels use for carving and sculpture work.

I was 16 years old when I first experienced a truly sharp chisel, and the event changed my life. It happened in the basement of my parents’ house. I’d become passionately interested in woodworking, and set up a workbench and hand tools. I couldn’t afford any power tools or fancy lumber, so I bought rough lumber and worked it by hand using an old Bailey smoothing plane that my great-grandfather bought new sometime in the late 1800s. My projects weren’t turning out as well as I wanted in those days, and I could see my inability to sharpen chisels and planes was the cause. So I shut down my woodworking and concentrated on learning how to sharpen. For weeks I experimented with different techniques before I invested in  black and white Arkansas oil stones and a piece of leather. After a few weeks of working with these, l I finally got it right. The eureka moment of taking that first cut with a truly sharp chisel is one of my favourite memories. It also taught me that sometimes a single, fundamental skill opens the doors to a whole new world of success. My hope is that learning to sharpen woodworking hand tools will do the same thing for you. Very few people know how to sharpen properly any more. Even among professional woodworkers and builders, I’ve only met one other person in the last 30 years who could do what you’ll learn to do here.

Single Payment of $15.99

Section 1: Getting Started

Section 2: Mastering the Honing Process

Section 3: Testing Sharpened Edges & Troubleshooting Problems

Section 4: Grinding – The Once-in-a-While Job

Section 5: Final Words & Extra Help