Love Your Deck: Staining & Finishing Strategies That Really Work

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This course delivers everything I've learned since 1990 about applying the best deck finishes. – Steve Maxwell

Love Your Deck cover finalIn 1990 I got fed up with the poor results I kept having finishing outdoor wood. That’s why I decided to get serious about learning and researching which products actually do the best job on decks, and how to prepare wooden deck surfaces to accept those products.  I’ve never stopped this research and the Love Your Deck course I’m telling you about here is the current result.

Love Your Deck includes everything I’ve learned over the past 20+ year about finishing outdoor wood so the results last, including the best current finishing products (I name names and suppliers), plus the most effective preparation techniques for both new decks and older ones. Preparation is key since even a good deck stain will fail without proper prep.

So try this course risk-free and see for yourself. If you don’t agree that Love Your Deck is the best, most detailed and most helpful wisdom on finishing wooden decks, just let me know. I’ll refund your money right away. You’ve got nothing to lose and a lovable deck to gain.


Tired of Disappointing Deck Finishes? Learn to Do Better

Just the kind of information I was looking for. Again, many thanks for the info. – BM, email Excellent! These kinds of pearls are priceless. Thank you for sharing your experience. – JA, YouTube Finally, someone who knows what they are doing. – MM, YouTube You are my mentor for home maintenance tips. Thanks. – Facebook comment

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Love Your Deck: Introduction

A great looking deck doesn’t happen automatically. In fact, most deck finishes fail way too soon considering the effort it takes to apply them. But things can be different for you, you’ll see now!


Lesson#1: Deck Staining Basics

Finishing a wooden deck is work. The trick is to work smart, getting the most benefit from the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time. This section explains how it all happens.