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  • 11 Lessons
  • 5 Video Lessons
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  • $15.99
This is the fastest way to create super-sharp edges on tools of all kinds. – Steve Maxwell



Sharp tools are the key to the best kind of woodworking success, but sharpening tools can take a lot of practice and even more time. That’s why so many people struggle with sharpening.

This course makes the job of sharpening tools easier to master and much faster to use around the shop. This course delivers:

* Detailed description of the simple equipment you’ll need.

* Five videos that show everything you need to know.

* Troubleshooting tips for fixing tools that don’t cut properly.

* Know-how for sharpening chisels and plane irons, plus curved carving chisels and gouges.

* Bonus ebook “How to Replace Wooden Tool Handles”.

* 30-day, money-back guarantee. Keep the bonus ebook “How to Replace Wooden Tool Handles” no matter what.


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The video is high quality, sound is good and content is easy to follow, even if you have no background with trade work. - NN There were definitely pointers and tips here that I haven’t seen on YouTube how-to videos. - ML Steve is easy to understand and delivers professional videos. He taught me a lot, and I learned mistakes I’d made in the past. I’d love to take more courses. - TG I would like to say thank you for this course. Very open and excellent explanation. Thank you! - DB

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How to Use This Course

This is where you learn how to get the most from this video course. It’s the next best thing to attending one of my how-to-sharpen workshops in person.


VIDEO: Two Important Tips

This lesson is all about two things you need to understand to ensure success. The first is about safety and the second is key to getting sharp results.