Making Friends With This Design

easy_table_plans_thumbnailI have lots to teach you about building this table, and we’ll get to all the details soon enough. For now, start by downloading a copy of the plans from the sidebar on the right. Just below the heading Course Files, you’ll find a link. It’s called Easy Table Plans. Click this link and wait for the plans to appear on your screen. They’re in PDF form. Print these plans out, then study them. It’s always best to become familiar with any woodworking project before you get into the workshop. Why? I always find it easier to study things when I’m sitting down with nothing practical to distract me. With wood and machines around, you might be tempted to get going before you should. For best results, understand the project completely before you get busy buying wood, finding hardware and making sawdust. As I said, the plans are in PDF format, which pretty well every computer can open and print. You’ll certainly want to have a paper copy of the plans to use and refer to in the shop while you’re building.