VIDEO Q&A SESSION: Watch a Replay of the Live Event

This past Monday I broadcast my first live video event. It was a question-and-answer session where I offered solutions to people with practical problems. Some of the question came in by email before the event, and others came in live while I was on the air. People tell me they liked being part of the event, and I have a few ideas for making the next one better. Click here to watch the recorded version of the Q&A. Topics I covered include:

  • deck finishing (lots on that)
  • eliminating dog smells from a garage floor
  • building a house foundation on bedrock
  • septic system management
  • assessing cracks in drywall
  • pressure-treated wood foundations
  • removing white haze on floors
  • topics I don’t remember talking about 😉

Click below to watch the 60 minute Q&A session for yourself.