What’s your opinion of macerating toilets?

What’s your opinion of macerating toilets? I’m planning to build a two-piece bathroom in a finished basement.

Macerating toilet systems allow bathrooms to be built below the level of a drain. They include a toilet that connects to a sealed box that chops up the waste and pumps it up to drain level via a 3/4-inch diameter pipe. Not pretty to think about, but the design possibilities are impressive. Macerating toilets allow a bathroom to be installed just about anywhere. I’ve never lived with a system like this, but from all my research I think they work quite well. I’ve roughed in a space for a Canadian-made Saniflo system in a building I’ve put up, including a wired space behind a wall to house the macerating unit. This space is accessible for servicing, yet it’ll also keep the noise to a bare minimum.