SANDING CABINET FACE FRAMES: Video Tutorial Shows the Right Way To Do It


These cabinets are in my kitchen. The horizontal and vertical pieces of wood that surround the doors are called face frames. Sanding these well is a big part of cabinetmaking success.

Face frames are cabinet parts that surround door and drawer openings.  The narrow pieces of wood that you see running horizontally and vertically in this photo of some of my kitchen cabinets are face frames. Click above to watch the video of my classic lesson on sanding face frames from back in 2008. This is a basic cabinetmaking skill and has wide applications that any woodworker will find useful. Techniques like these are some of the things I teach in my online cabinetmaking course.

Valuable tips await you, especially if you’re into any kind of woodworking. The cabinet you see here has face frames sanded in the way you’ll see in the video  here.