YOUR OWN HANDYMAN BUSINESS: More Opportunity Than Ever

Have you ever thought of putting your practical skills to use professionally as a handyman? This article could be the start of a new and better life for yourself. In a world where specialized jobs and too much digital distractions dominate (not to mention that work ethic seems to have taken a big dip in the wider population), operating a handyman business offers a profitable contrast to all this. It’s in very high demand. You can actually make really good money doing handyman work for others, either part time or full time. Let me show you what I mean . . .

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Handyman work is in higher demand than ever. It presents a very good opportunity for good work and great pay.

Handyman Work as a Business

Lately I’ve been thinking of how the world needs more people who can fix, modify and build things for others, and that’s why I’m starting an online community of people who want to make this type of work part of their lives. I’m calling it “HandyPro”, and it’s for both amateur DIYers and professional handymen.

Already got a handyman business but want to make it better? The HandyPro community is for you. Or perhaps you’re happy to stay an amateur handyman working around your own house but want to learn more about the technical side of doing things right, perhaps by rubbing shoulders with the pros? If this sounds like something you’re interested in, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll let you know when the community is ready to join. In the mean time, here are some of the reasons it’s never been a better time to be in the handyman business. But first, one thing . . .

Before I go on, I want to apologize to all the ladies out there. The term “handyman” isn’t exactly what skilled females necessarily want to call themselves, but in the absence of any more inclusive and widely-known term, I’ll use the word “handyman”. Just know that it’s generic. Both women and men can succeed at this work, despite what it’s usually called.

young woman doing DIY
Regardless of the common term “handyman” women can certainly succeed very nicely in this work.

Here are some of the advantages handyman work offers, both in terms of lifestyle and career:

1. Independence and Flexibility

This is huge. Unlike a typical employee job that ties you to someone else’s dream, running a handyman business allows you to set your own work hours and choose which projects you want to take on. Want to have Wednesday afternoons off to watch your child on track and field day at school? You can. Need to alter your schedule for an extended vacation? That’s completely possible too. Got some extra time in retirement and want to turn that into money? Your schedule is yours to manage, enabling you to strike that perfect work life balance tailored just for you.

boy winning running race at finish line
I captured this photo of one of my son’s in 2008 as he won a track meet race. Flexibility of work has allowed me many such precious moments.

2. Diverse Work Life

The monotony associated with repetitive tasks (especially at a desk in an office), can dampen even the most dedicated employee’s enthusiasm over time. Running a handyman business breaks this routine by offering a variety of different tasks. One day you might find yourself fixing a leaky faucet, the next day could involve installing new kitchen cabinets. Some homeowners might even want you to finish their basement or build a shed. The diverse nature of handyman work not only keeps things interesting, but also allows you to continuously develop and refine a wide range of skills.

One of the unique aspects of working as a handyman is the immediate sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a project from start to finish. Unlike other professions where work is specialized, in the handyman business you see your efforts go full circle from start to finish. If you do good work, your clients will express immediate appreciation for a job well done, and they’ll be your best promoters to friends and family. You’ll also leave each job knowing that you’ve tangibly improved someone’s life, even if it’s in a small way.

3. Promising Financial Rewards

With the extreme shortage of skilled labour in the world, you can easily make $40, $5o or more per hour. Financially speaking, operating a handyman business can be rewarding. I know an engineer, for instance, who quit his job to operate a solo handyman business and he’s making more money than he did before, when he was sitting at a desk all day designing things in front of a computer.

tradesman pulling a parts tray from a truck
A handyman business can certainly be profitable enough to fund great tools and a truck. It’s very much an under-appreciated career option.

Are you a retiree? You can make use of a lifetime of DIY skills to add substantial income to your pension, as little or as much as you like.

The initial costs of starting a handyman business are also relatively low, especially if you already have some tools (which you probably do). You can even run your business from a home office, saving money on commercial rent expenses, plus deducting part of your household expenses on your income tax. The high demand for quality handyman services makes it easier to build and maintain a steady client base than other businesses. As you gain experience and expand your network, you can also increase your rates and earn higher income from your services.

Once your handyman business has been established successfully, scaling up becomes relatively straightforward and manageable in different ways:

1. Business Expansion: You have the opportunity to grow your business by offering more services, hiring employees or even franchising your business model. This scalability allows for both professional and financial growth.

2. Skills Development: Running a handyman business involves more than just fixing things; it also requires skills in marketing, customer service, accounting and other areas that make you a well rounded professional. Being able to handle different aspects of business management makes you versatile and prepares you for future entrepreneurial endeavors.

3. Job Stability: This is big. In today’s ever changing job market, job security is a common concern. However, there will always be a demand for skilled individuals who can provide home repairs and maintenance services, making the field of handyman work reliable and stable despite technological advancements affecting other industries.

4. Networking Opportunities: Operating a handyman business presents many opportunities to network with potential clients, suppliers and even prospective business partners. Each project becomes an opportunity to expand your professional network, which can lead to collaborations in business ventures, access to bulk discounts from suppliers and a continuous flow of client referrals.

5. Contributing to Your Community: Handymen who operate locally often become valued members of their communities by providing essential services.Getting to know your neighbours, becoming familiar with local businesses and contributing to the well being of the community are some of the perks you enjoy when running a handyman business. This social capital not only makes work more enjoyable but also leads to business benefits through word of mouth referrals and repeat clients.

All this said, operating a handyman business can bring a lot of personal fulfillment. It’s rewarding to know that your work helps people and solves real world problems. So if you’re someone who loves solving problems, fixing things and desires independence, starting (or improving) a handyman business could be your path to both professional success and personal satisfaction. Join us in the free online community “HandyPro” and get in on the action.

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– Steve Maxwell