$4000 Cabin plan? Not so fast!


One of my readers recently pointed out to me that one of the hottest topics in homesteading and tiny homes was a design and build guide for a tiny cabin that priced out at just $4000 for the exterior shell. That sounded like a stretch to me, so you can imagine my surprise when it was pointed out that the guide where these extraordinary figures were coming from was written by none other than one Steve Maxwell!

This guide generating so much buzz in 2015 is a basic exterior cabin shell schematic that I created in 2006 for my friends at Mother Earth News and all of my readers. I had continued to host it throughout the years, but I have never imagined that it would have created such interest in tiny home construction. I’m very excited to meet with all of the new faces who are interested in taking steps to go on their own DIY journey like I did back in 1985 when I began building my own homestead. You can learn more about my homestead story at baileylineroad.com/homesteading/.

The fundamental design and concept behind the cabin is still one of the least expensive shells for a cabin that you’ll find out there, but it’s probably not going to be built for $4000 in 2015 US or Canadian dollars. I got in touch with Matt at Danforth Lumber in Toronto to see what such a project might cost with today’s materials. This new estimate is a lot better reflection of what you might expect to spend to build the Cozy Cabin described in the PDF from 2006.

Revised Pricing Sheet

Since 2006 the price to build this cabin in terms of materials has grown by $2050

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Free Basic Cabin Plans

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