6 Outdoor Projects You Can Do Yourself in Newmanstown, PA

You’ve just moved into your new home in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania. You saved up for the down payment for years and now you have finished unpacking all the boxes and are ready to enjoy the privileges of being a homeowner. Now it’s time to make the place your own.

One of the most exciting parts about having a house? You can invest in whatever upgrades you want if you follow building codes and potential Homeowners Association requirements. Your property is a blank canvas waiting for you to put your personal stamp on it. Investing in this home will increase its resale value, so with the right projects, you can profit from your decisions if you sell the house later on.

A great place to start with your brand-new home is the exterior. This is the first thing that people see when they walk or drive by the property. Plus, working on an outdoor project involves minimal disruption to life in your new home as you acclimate. Here are six outdoor projects that you can do entirely on your own in Newmanstown, PA.

A Simple Patio

Patios make great gathering spaces during nice evenings and outdoor events. The best part about a patio is that it is easy to create with the right materials and know-how. Even if you lack the knowledge, you can easily find some YouTube tutorials to learn the steps for putting in a paver patio. Stake out the perimeter, level the ground, choose the foundation material, lay it down, and then put in enhancements like a fireplace or outdoor furniture. This simple patio can become the highlight of your family’s summer, spending lots of time chatting, making s’mores, or simply enjoying an outdoor meal together.

A Small Garden

It’s difficult to add a garden to a property and NOT make the whole space look nicer. Gardens can be functional, aesthetic, or both. A functional garden might be used to grow veggies or fruits for your family to consume. An aesthetic garden can add color to the yard and create a stronger connection between homeowners and nature. Plan out the shape and size of your garden, remove the sod layer, put down some weed fabric, and utilize topsoil delivery to create the floor of the garden. Then, choose the plants you enjoy the most and start placing them wherever you like.

A Back Deck

If you want to attach some more functional space to the home itself, then a new deck is certainly doable. While this project is more complex as you have to consider safe building regulations, it is still something you can do entirely on your own. A ground-level deck, or one that is raised a few feet off the ground, can be done for a few thousand bucks depending on the size, and you can build it out of lumber or composite decking materials.

A Playset

If you have kids, getting them outside to expend some energy is a top priority when the weather is nice. Fortunately, you can build your own outdoor playset to entice them into spending more time outdoors and getting some fresh air and sunshine. There are even more safety regulations to follow to ensure your kids are safe, but a fun set can include a slide, a climbing feature, and some swings. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun when the project is done and you can proudly say that you built it yourself.

A Footpath

Do you have several areas in the yard that you regularly use? Maybe there is a shed in the back, a detached patio, a garden, and a swingset that are all spread throughout the yard. Connecting these features with a landscaping project can bring unity to the property, and what better way to connect them than with a footpath? One of the most popular choices for footpaths is natural stone. However, you can also use wooden boards, pavers, or even gravel. These hardscaping elements will add some accent colors to your outdoor space.

A Water Feature

If you need a centerpiece to draw all the attention in your yard, then a water feature can easily accomplish that objective. A feature that includes water can add a touch of serenity to the space, making it feel like an oasis, and you have several options to choose from. You could create a small pond next to your garden with stones, water-tight material, and a shovel. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a pump system disguised by natural features to create an artificial stream or fountain. This water feature will draw plenty of oohs and aahs from your guests when they stop in for a visit on a spring or summer day in Newmanstown.

What Project Excites You the Most

Improving your property is immensely satisfying. You get the chance to work with your hands and make a functional and/or aesthetic upgrade that helps you enjoy the home even more. Consider one of these outdoor projects for your Newmanstown, PA house to start your homeownership journey on the right foot.