AVOID THE NURSING HOME: Visit My New Website for Financial Help, Information & Inspiration for Seniors to Age-in-Place

Aging in place in your own home is a hot topic these days, but the various pieces of information needed to make it happen are rarely found in one place online. That’s because there’s lots to cover – financial, technical and relational. Making it easier and safer to age well at home is why I built my new website: AgingWellAtHome.org. I just launched it this week. Click below to visit.

The site provides a collection of  constantly-update articles. You’ll also get information on resources available to help you finance, plan, and manage an approach for avoiding institutional care while remaining comfortably and sustainably in your own place. I also offer my AGING WELL AT HOME online course. It covers home improvement projects and product recommendations for  renovating your home for extended seniors living.

The vast majority of people who’d rather not live in a nursing home but find themselves there anyway, all made some version of the same mistake. They waited too long before making household modifications and upgrades. You need to start these changes before the need arises. And while you’re visiting www.agingwellathome.org,, sign up for my Aging Well at Home newsletter. Keep in touch and learn how you can make your golden years truly golden.

I hope you find my new website useful and interesting. Please consider helping me cover the cost of creating and publishing content like this. Click the “buy me a coffee” button below for a safe, simple and fast way to make a contribution. Thank you very much!

– Steve Maxwell