BUILD A BOOMERANG: Download Free Plans & Instructions

Click to download this free build-it-yourself boomerang guide.

Homemade boomerangs are the kind of toy that adds a lot of extra fun to an afternoon, both in the making and the throwing. You need to be careful throwing one (lots of open space required), but making a boomerang (as opposed to buying one) brings an extra measure of joy to the venture. Over the years I’ve made some very effective boomerangs from 1/4″-thick hardwood plywood, and you can, too. It’s a great project to do with any kids in your life (or even just for fun yourself). Click below to download a PDF guide on building and using your own home-made boomerangs.

The design here flies like crazy, so be sure to use them in a big space. And yes, they really do curve back towards you if you throw them right. Boomerangs work especially well when you throw them into a light breeze.

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– Steve Maxwell