Bradley Burner Pellet Grate

fireHeating with wood pellets offers one of the most economical ways to keep your home warm in the winter, but until recently you needed to buy an expensive and complicated, electrically-driven stove to burn pellets. Brad Palmer is a Canadian backyard inventor who’s created a grate that allows pellets to be burned cleanly in any ordinary airtight woodstove. Originally made just for his own use, and now available online, Palmer’s Bradley Burner simply sits in the bottom of the stove, admitting air into a pile of pellets. Without this grate, pellets can’t burn at all, but with it they burn cleanly and efficiently. At $200, the Bradley Burner isn’t cheap, but a big part of the price is due to the heavy stainless steel design and Made-in-Canada production. Any decent airtight woodstove will hold a pellet fire all night with the burner in place, and you can easily remove it whenever you want to burn cord-wood again.