Non-Spray Way To Stop Bugs From Biting

My earliest memories of mosquitos, black flies and biting insects goes back to May 1970 and my first trip to a seriously rural area as a boy. Since then I’ve learned that dealing with these pests involves three choices. You can tough them out with no protection; you can slather on harsh and questionable chemical repellents; or you can encase yourself in an insect hat or jacket to keep the biting flies off with a fine mesh around your face and head. None of these choices are ideal, and that’s why I was eager to try something completely different. It’s a homeopathic remedy called Mozi-Q, and it claims to stop biting insects from attacking for at least two hours after you chew and swallow the little sweet pill. I first used this product more than five years ago.

This homeopathic remedy claims to make you unattractive to biting insects. It’s a non-toxic combination of plants.

Before I tell you if this stuff works or not, let me explain that the product is not an insecticide that you eat. Mozi-Q is homeopathic, which means it’s an extremely dilute concentration of substances that affects how your body behaves. In this case the substances are specific plants – five in all. The product is fully approved by Health Canada for both children and adults.

As for results, here’s what I found: It was a mid-May morning as I climbed onto a roof at 7am and began stripping some crunchy, 20-year old shingles. Being May in cottage country, the black flies were certainly noticeable and biting. I let them have their way with me unprotected for an hour, just to get a sense of their concentration and appetite, then I chewed a Mozi-Q. In about 20 minutes the only flies around me stayed a safe distance, with just the occasional bump into my face or ear. There were certainly no bites. The welcome effect lasted until about 2pm. By then I was nailing down new shingles, and the flies declared that I was on the menu for lunch once again. Another pill and more relief until after the new roof was down and done by 6pm.

Bottom line: Mozi-Q certainly worked for me. There were no noticeable side effects, just the welcome lack of bugs biting me. My kids noticed the same thing, and so did my naturally-skeptical wife. I’m told the product works just as well on horses and the company does sell versions packaged for pets. It’s been a while since I bought Mozi-Q since a supply lasts me a long time, but I just checked and their still around at

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