Canadian One-Man Shop Produces World-Class ATV Trailers


My Hubley ATV trailer in the “third field” of our farm. I use this trailer almost very day for hauling everything from wood to tools.

Hidden in the nooks and crannies of the great big country of Canada, you’ll find modest geniuses quietly doing great work with their hands. Allan Hubley from Wileville, Nova Scotia is one of them. I discovered Allan online as I was looking for a trailer to haul things behind my four-wheel ATV. Trailers like this are useful for all kinds of jobs including harvesting firewood, collecting rocks, moving tools or anything else that’s heavy or bulky, especially from off-road areas. After researching reviews of online trailers made overseas, I was pleased to find Allan online. He’s the one and only person behind Atlantic Outdoor Solutions. Having used my own Hubley trailer now for several months I know I wasn’t mistaken about my first impressions. Every outdoors-oriented person that comes around my place immediately walks over to the trailer and asks questions.  It’s a head-turner precisely because it’s so much better than anything else they’ve seen.

Allan’s home and workshop backs onto forest and he doesn’t have a fancy shop. “The only tool I have that a home hobbiest might not is my stationary metal-cutting bandsaw”, explains the soft-spoken Allan. “I definitely don’t have a fancy setup.”

“After my neighbor convinced me to build a logging trailer for his ATV”, remembers Allan, “I started building all sorts of ATV and utility trailers for sale. Some were built to sell and some were items for me to keep in stock for later sales.”

 Allans’ trailers  have three important attributes. First, they’re strong. You simply can’t overload them with firewood, no matter how much you pile on. I’m not even sure you could overload them with rocks, either. Second, the design is well thought out. Everything works just like it should. Although not all Hubley trailers can dump, mine can, via a hand crank. To make that happen Allan uses an effective method for connecting a winch and strap to the front of the trailer to lift the box. Crank by hand and it raises the box quickly, safely and simply. My biggest dumped load so far has been a bunch of rocks weighing at least 500 lbs. No problem.

The particular Hubley trailer I have has four wheels not two, and these work together in pairs in what’s called a “walking beam” arrangement. This makes it nicer to travel over the stumps, rocks and other obstructions you’ll often find off road. 

Walking beams get their name because of the way each pair of wheels works together as they’re fastened to a single beam that swivels on the frame and “walks” over obstructions. When the leading wheel of any pair hits say, a log, the wheel is free to rise up and over that log as the beam below swivels. As you work your way over the obstacle, the leading wheel comes down off the obstruction just as the trailing wheel encounters it for the first time and goes upwards. Pulling a walking beam trailer over obstacles involves a lot less up-and-down movement of the trailer as each pair of wheels “walks” up and over the obstruction. The up-and-down travel of the trailer is roughly half as much as with regular wheel designs.

Walking beam hardware are popular enough now that Allan makes and sells them on their own across the world to people who want to build their own trailers from scratch but don’t quite have the walking beam thing figured out.

Every time I hook up my trailer to get ready for a day’s work outdoors, I’m reminded of one good part of Canada that’s easy to miss. We have more than our share of good people making great things in small ways for this great big country we live in.

Last week I started to pick stones that got turned up during drainage tile installation in our fields. The big rock was too heavy to lift, but I could roll it up onto the low trailer on a plank.


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