Episode#6: LIFE@Bailey Line Road

Turtle Rescue | World’s Best Rubber Boots | Multitool Unboxing | Spade Bit Sharpening |:

⇐ Click left to watch a summer flashback of the discovery and rescue of a rare Blanding’s Turtle.

Click right ⇒ to watch me unbox a new Bosch oscillating tool. This tool comes with attachments for removing sealant such as old caulking, and includes a very fast blade locking mechanism.

⇐ Click left for a video I did on sharpening spade bits. Why throw away old ones when in a few minutes you can make them work as well as when new?

Click right ⇒ to watch a farewell message about my all-time favourite pair of rubber boots. I’ve worn out many over the years, but these are the best for 3 reasons.