Q&A: Olive oil to finish a teak table?

Here’s a question I got by email from JT. She writes:

Question: “Can I use olive oil to finish a teak table? It’s a used, indoor table and I’d prefer something that dries quickly.”

finish a teak table with wipe on polyeurathane

Answer: I wouldn’t use olive oil. It can take a very long time to harden, and even when it does it can leave a sticky residue behind.

One thing to keep in mind is that teak furniture doesn’t need to be oiled if it doesn’t look dry. Does your table still repel okay when it drips on? If so, then you make not need to
do anything. If your table looks dry and unprotected, you need to proceed with caution.
Adding finishing material to an existing finish is always risky because you don’t know what’s there already. That’s why I recommend trying something in a small area first. And that thing I recommend is Minwax Wipe-On Poly. This is a very thin, oil-like finish that dries overnight. It works really well on teak, as long as no wax has been applied previous. Wax will cause any subsequent finish to peel, so that’s why you should apply the product on a test patch first.

Chances are your teak furniture will be A-okay with some Wipe-On Poly applied, but better be sure, first.

Oiling is an excellent and under-appreciated option for finishing outdoor wood. Learn more right here:

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