TUBE NOTCHER: See a Great Tool for Steel Fabrication

Tube Notcher In Action

Black iron pipe is widely available and excellent for metalworking and welding projects. In this week’s video lesson, see how a tubing notcher makes it easy to shape pipe ends to a concave shape so they meet perfectly when joining to other pipes. This lesson comes from my online course MIG Welding Skills for the Home Workshop.  Hundreds of beginners have learned to weld from this course.

In the 4 minute video here, you’ll see me using a tube notcher:

  • to make perfect curved profiles on the ends of pipes for welded frames
  • and how a bi-metal hole saw cuts dozens of pipe ends yet stays sharp
  • that works with cutting oil during the notching process
  • with end profiles on pipe can be changed to suit the project

Click the video window below to watch and learn a new workshop skill . . . 

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– Steve Maxwell