Q&A of the Week: What Replacement Skylight Do You Recommend?

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Q: My current skylight is damaged and needs to be replaced. Can you recommend a reliable brand and installer?

A: There are many brands of skylights out there, but I’ve never seen any that match the quality of VELUX. I’ve installed different ones, but these are the best. The founder of this company invented skylights and roof windows back in the 1940s, and they still do a fabulous job. VELUX also has their own group of verified installers, so you know things happen the way they should.

A few years back I installed some solar skylights and they’re still working perfectly. Click below to watch a video I made about the installation process. Regardless of which brand you choose, the fundamentals of a leak-free installation are outlined in this video.

Also, one more thing . . . adding openable skylights to your home is the best way to boost air circulation during home weather. By letting warm air escape from your house through the roof, ventilation from windows works much better. Openable skylights are also the best way to allow air condition to cool off upper rooms better. Leave them open an inch or so and cool air can finally get up there.