THE AMAZING PLUG WELD: Watch This Simple Trick for Joining Metal Nearly Invisibly

Plug welds offer a simple way of joining two pieces of metal when you don’t want a visible weld bead. You can see a plug weld below in my shop. There are several circumstances where this approach makes a lot of sense and this is why plug welding is a good skill for any aspiring welder to know. Watch the video below for a plug welding tutorial from my online course MIG Welding for Beginners. This is one of my most popular courses, and the video includes actual footage of this weld happening. Use the coupon code BONUS30 for a $30 discount on the course this week

  • Video watch time = 3 minutes
A nice, neat plug weld joining two pieces of 1/4″-thick mild steel. Plug welds are a little trick that comes in very handy sometimes.
Click below to watch and learn how to make a plug joint. It’s a powerful technique for specific situations when welding in the home workshop.

Click below to bring MIG welding skills into your own life.