Q&A: Smoother Cuts With a Chopsaw

Q: Why do my chopsaw cuts bind? I’m building the workbench you offered free plans for a while back, and some of the cuts seem to pinch the blade of the saw, causing friction and burning. What should I do?

cordless_chopsawA: I hope my bench plans works out for you. Lots of people have built it. One of the most common reasons chopsaw cuts bind is if the piece of wood is warped and not fully supported on both sides of the fence at the back of the table underneath. As the blade nears completion of the cut, the wood starts to bend along the cut line, narrowing the width of the groove made by the saw and binding on the blade. Many pieces of wood are bent in some way, but the  trick is to orient them so the cut opens up more as the cut nears completion, rather than closing down and pinching the blade. Your problem is nothing unusual. Learning to deal with challenges like these is what mastering the chopsaw is all about.