CAST IRON RADIATORS: Why They Still Make Sense Today

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Old-time cast iron radiators might not seem like they have a part to play in the world of modern, energy-efficient heating systems, but they do.  In this video you’ll get a quick tour of how reclaimed cast iron radiators work, why they’re great and how they are installed these days. This video is based on the retrofit installation of 11 radiators at my place back in 2013. We’ve had 5 winters with these radiators so far, and they’ve added an exceptional level of comfort to our home.

What’s so good about reclaimed cast iron radiators? Three things. First, they conduct heat very well. Second, they’re a source of heat you can actually feel. Stand next to a warm radiator and put your cold hands on it and you’ll know what I mean. And third, nothing does a better job drying wet hats, mittens and boots than a cast iron radiator at full heat. Hot enough to be comforting, cool enough to be safe, watch the video and see why cast iron is easy to like. I made it back in 2013, but everything still applies today.