What tool should I buy first, a mitre saw or a table saw?

What tool should I buy first, a mitre saw or a table saw? I’ll be using the tool mainly for home repairs, with an occasional need to cut sheets of plywood. My budget is $600.

If I could buy just one kind of saw, it would be a table saw. Mitre saws are enormously useful, but they’re not quite as versatile as a table saw for general home repairs and renovations.

freud_fusion_power_tool_sawTools everywhere are getting better all the time, and table saws are no exception. It’s especially hard to beat those models that come with a built-in rolling stand. My current favourite (by a slim margin) is the Bosch 4000-09. It’s slightly above your $600 budget, but well worth the money. The Ridgid TS2400LS is also a good choice at $600 even. Regardless of what you buy, the blade you run is important. Go ahead and use the stock blade for a while, but save your pennies for an upgrade. I’ve been using the Freud Premier Fusion combination blade lately. It’s the smoothest cutting general purpose blade I’ve ever used. Refer to the photo. This almost flawless edge was cut on a piece of hardwood plywood by the Freud Premier Fusion table saw blade. Normally it takes a specialty blade to produce these results. The Fusion blade is suitable for all types of cutting.

Posted on February 19th, 2013