WOOD SIDING: What’s the Best Way to Finish It?

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factory finished siding
This factory finished real wood siding will stay finished and looking good longer than any site-applied finish could last.

Wood siding that’s stained needs to be refinished frequently. The longest lasting results I’ve seen don’t look good much longer than 5 or 6  years in full sun. The trick is refinishing with the least amount of effort and so the new surface lasts as long as possible.

Back in 2012 I gave a video answer to a homeowner with a 25-year-old home that needed help. He asked me for the best way to finish the cedar siding, and the first thing to do is surface preparation.

Click the video below to learn how to properly prep wood siding.

Got a wooden deck to refinish? That’s a little different than wood siding. Click here for specific, detailed and field-proven techniques for finishing a deck so it lasts as long as possible.