What’s the best way to get wood out of the round firewood piles you have written about?

I’m glad you like round wood piles. They really do offer a lot of advantages. As far as getting to the wood during winter, I don’t just reverse the build. Since the top of the piles are protected by a tarp, it pays to keep that protection in place as long as possible. In practice this means sneaking out pieces of wood from under the tarp as much as possible. You can only take it so far, of course, but I like to think of it like a big Kerplunk game. Pull pieces here and there, choosing pieces that are least likely to cause a collapse. Keep doing this until you work your way down far enough that there’s no more of the original roof structure. Eventually every round wood pile is reduced to nothing more than a heap of wood on the ground, but even when this happens it’s worthwhile keeping that pile covered with a tarp that’s weighted down around the perimeter. Round wood piles aren’t as effective as a woodshed at keeping wood dry, but they work better than any other kind of piling technique I’ve tried. For a detailed look see my video of building round wood piles.