What is the best exterior paint for durability? Oil based paint isn’t lasting like it should!

When the outside of my home was painted three years ago, the painter insisted on oil-based paint instead of latex. Now it’s peeling. How do I proceed and what’s the best paint for the job?


Old legends die hard, and that’s the reason even some professional painters still believe that oil paints are more durable than latex. Once upon a time they were, but according to the people who manufacture paint, top-quality latex beats oil-based paints hands-down in exterior conditions. The best formulations are 100% acrylic latex, and they’ll last for several decades when applied properly.

4 Steps to Exterior Painting Success:

  1. The first step in your case is to make sure there are no moisture problems associated with your walls. No paint can resist the movement of interior water vapour coming out of wood.
  2. Next, bring all surfaces back to bare wood. This involves a chemical stripper, scrapers, a pressure washer and a lot of work.
  3. The surface of the wood will probably be fuzzy when you’re done, so let it dry for a few days before sanding lightly to remove the loosened fibers. This last step is often overlooked, but key.
  4. Next, apply acrylic latex primer, followed by the best 100% acrylic exterior latex paint you can find.