6 Ways To Make Your Home’s Exterior More Aesthetic

In Andre Rieu’s words, “coming home is one of the most beautiful things” – and a loved and looked-after home exterior can make this moment even more special! Adding exterior finishes, new windows, or a covered entrance might seem like minor renovation projects, but they could be all you need to refine your property’s aesthetics.What’s more, investing in cosmetic changes and structural upgrades can boost your property’s market value by over 7%. Looking for inspiration? Check out these aesthetic upgrades to work on this spring.

Consider a Porch or Covered Entrance

A porch or enclosed entrance can be a blessing during a rainy day – or create the perfect place to enjoy an iced drink during a hot summer afternoon! But even more importantly, a covered entrance adds curb appeal to the home and provides increased privacy for your family.

Aside from adding aesthetic value, a porch is an economical way to boost the property’s energy efficiency, improve heat retention, and increase livable square footage. After all, extending existing rooms can cost big money, while the average cost of building an enclosed entrance is only $23 to $110 per square foot.

Play With Lighting

Adding lighting to your home’s exterior is a smart and affordable way to boost the building’s aesthetics and increase security. The right lanterns, LED spotlights, or bistro lights can create a unique light signature, which can add charm to your front garden and highlight the best details of your home’s exterior. 

What’s more, lighting can deter burglars, make your outdoor area livable throughout the day, and improve practicality. You’ll be glad to have exterior lighting when you are trying to park after sunset or looking for your keys in the dark!

Upgrade Your Siding and Windows

Your home’s exterior is the ultimate barrier against storms, freezing temperatures, and scorching heat – but it is also at the mercy of the elements all year round. In turn, it’s easy for your sidings and windows to start showing signs of deterioration. 

It is true: a siding, window, or cladding upgrade is among the most expensive renovation projects you could undertake. But it is also the most effective way to improve your home’s energy efficiency as well as aesthetics.

  • Pro tip – Some of the best home exterior renovations are at their most effective when undertaken in combination. For example, windows and sidings can be upgraded together, thus boosting your property’s market and aesthetic value. So, before diving into a home exterior makeover, make sure to build up your budget or opt for specialized renovation loans, such as SoFi mortgage loans.

Redesign Your Front Garden 

Your home’s front garden is the first aspect of your property you and your guests will notice. While it is normal for the winter months to take a toll on your landscape, you should strive to clean up and refine your garden as soon as the weather allows. Working with a landscaping professional can help you redesign and optimize your home’s outdoor area, bring symmetry and balance to your property’s exterior, and maximize the livable space. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, consider opting for DIY solutions, such as sweeping away dead leaves and debris, planting fresh flowers, and adding inexpensive lighting.

Replace Your Front Door

Not all home renovation projects are created equal. Some will improve your home’s aesthetics but not its market value. Others might not be immediately noticeable but can increase your asking price before selling. 

Replacing your front door does not only offer you the best of both worlds but also yields a whopping Return on Investment of nearly 75%! And, priced at an average of $1,826, it is one of the most affordable renovation projects to opt for when looking to boost your home’s curb appeal without dealing with daily disruptions and longer timelines.

Focus on Your Driveway and Paths

Your front driveway and paths to the main entrance door can change the entire feel of your home. Since you see and use them every day, you might have become blind to the small cracks and oil stains that have collected over the years. However, for a guest of family member from away, these minor flaws can be immediately visible and disrupt the entire picture. Just make sure to choose a sunny spring day to power wash your driveway and replace the pavers!